Course Outline

Day One

• Demographics
• Motivation to learn
• Assessment of prior learning (for delegates and as a teaching tool)
• Legislation
• Management and supervision of safe practice.
• Assessment process
• Assessment criteria
• Risk reduction strategies
• Manual Handling action plans

Day two (Practical Day)

• Review of day one with assessment examination
• Postural anatomy and postural care
• Principles of safe handling
• How to coach and teach skills
• Skills will include:-
o Sit to stand, Safe use of hoist/stand aid, small equipment ( as used in your environment) Slide Sheets, Bed care and dealing with the falling client

Day three

• Review of day two with assessment examination
• Train the trainer
• Learning styles
• Teaching methods
• Setting objectives
• Styles of communication
• Structure and design
This day will also act as a summary of the training skills used during the previous days and will be assessed against a skills competency criterion.

Day 4 (2 weeks after day 4)

Each delegate will deliver a 20 minute session on a Manual Handling topic based on the training pack provided therefore all preparation will be focused on delivery skills and knowledge, not on worrying about the PowerPoint presentation. Each candidate will be assessed by the course tutor and their peers. This session will also involve the submission of a piece of written work.

Upon the successful completion of this course candidates will receive CPD certificates.
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