Getting to grips with hoisting….

There have been 41 deaths during hoisting incidents in the last 10 ten years and every year there are a significant number of reported injuries to service users during hoisting interventions.

There are many reasons why such interventions may go wrong: incorrect size/type of sling used; incompatibility of sling/hoist; incorrect choice of hoist for set task; misuse of equipment or poor maintenance of equipment are just some of them. However, the use of hoisting equipment is common practice in nursing and care homes as well as the homes of private individuals and of course hospitals. Using such equipment is highly beneficial, in particular for the health and wellbeing of care staff as it eliminates the risk of musculoskeletal injuries during moving and handling interventions. The HSE has a useful fact sheet ‘Getting to Grips with hoisting’ which provides excellent information on best practice in hoisting and some background to why things go wrong.

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