How to use MHAPs

  •  Complete a Manual Handling risk assessment as stated within your organisational Manual Handling Policy.

  •  Complete the details section of the MHAP. (You must include ALL details).

  •  As a result of the assessment decide what interventions are required.

  •  For each activity (i.e. sit to stand, transfers, bed care, falls management etc) place an activity sticker in the ACTIVTY circle.

  •  Decide what actions are required to complete the Manual Handling activity safely. Place action sticker in each ACTION circle (i.e. hoist, sling, 2 staff, handling belt, slide sheet, posture awareness etc).

  •  Under each Action sticker there is a box for ‘notes’. This should be used to denote which hoist, sling/sling size, equipment is to be used or special observation and instructions.

  •  Inform all staff involved with the care of the client. Display the MHAP in the client’s room.

  •  Review the MHAP when there is a change in the Manual Handling assessment or within the time frame set in your Manual Handling Policy.

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